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A Combi-Oven combines 3 different cooking combi steamer functions into one piece of kitchen equipment and is one of the most versatile pieces of prime cooking equipment any kitchen can have. Alternatively called a combi-steamer these ovens can use dry heat ether still or fan driven as well as steam which can be injected into the oven when the food needs it.

Being such a versatile piece of catering equipment the Combi-Oven has many advantages over other equipment. They can produce beautifully roasted tender joints, by cooking in an environment filled with steam the meat wont dry out and loose moisture and saving the weight loss associated with conventional roasting.

Vegetables steamed in a Combi-Oven instead of boiled in water keep more of their natural goodness and colour. Steaming in a combination oven is also ideal for preserving the texture and flavour of delicate fish.

As a fan driven convection oven they are ideal for baking giving an even heat across the oven cavity ensuring that all goods are evenly cooked to perfection and a steam injection can also enhance the flavour and texture of some baked products.

Pre-cooked food can be rapidly brought back up to serving temperature negating the need to keep food hot for prolonged periods of time simplifying storage and transport of cooked foods.

And it doesn’t stop there; the Combi-Oven can be used for steaming, baking, roasting, and even dry frying chips and other similar foods using the fat in the food itself.

With all of these different flavours going on inside the oven you may think that this will pose a problem for cooking wildly different foods, but in reality many kitchens can go from roasting chicken to gently steaming fish and onto desert without any taste transfer whatsoever as many ovens include a self cleaning function that can be used to remove any residual flavours from the oven.

Combi-Ovens come in sizes to suit kitchens of varying sizes and they are not just for large kitchen operations there are many models available for small independent caterers as well as the huge ovens for higher volume kitchens that many people think about when reading about Combi-Ovens. The size of the oven you need can be worked out be determining the volume and type of foods you will be cooking, and a good supplier will be able to calculate this for you and advise you on your best choices.

There are several questions you may want to ask about the oven before you commit to buy such as is a water filtration system necessary, what is needed to install the oven and how easy is the oven to clean and operate.

More expensive ovens will often include a built in filtration system whereas budget oriented ovens will not and will require an external filtration system. The filtration is necessary to prevent the build up of scale in the oven cavity and working parts to ensure the long and efficient operation of the oven.

Combi-Ovens are available in gas or electric variants and larger electric ovens will require a 3 phase power supply, a suitable water supply and drainage is also essential however the smallest ovens sometimes feature a built in reservoir that can be filled manually.

All venues do not necessarily have a large kitchen space and may sometimes cater for less than 100 guests. Consequently there may not be much space in the commercial kitchen because it may have a range of other catering equipment as well. Space saving and convenience is key to an efficiently run commercial kitchen. The Anvil’s 4 Tray Combi Steam Oven is designed for venues that have limited space yet require an advanced steamer that offers flexibility for roasting and steaming applications.

This catering equipment is ideal for venues or restaurants that have limited counter space because it measures only 502 x 643 x 620 millimetres is size. It is a small unit that packs a powerful punch. It has a total power output of 4600 watts and a rapid heat up time. The thermostat control ranges from 50 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius depending on the mode selected. The warming function can hold the contents warm at 70 degrees Celsius. It has a pre-heating function along with a warming alarm. The core temperature probe is integrated with the unit plus it has a dehumidifying function. Anvil’s 4 Tray Combi Steam Oven has 3 cooking modes: combi mode for combining steam and convection, convection mode for hot air only, and steam mode for steam only. In addition, it has a manual steam button that can be used in the convection mode.

Anvil’s 4 Tray Combi Steam Oven is supplied with four gastronorm trays and four wire shelves. It is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, a powerful circulating fan and a removable interior fan panel for easy cleaning. All the interior parts are made of 304 stainless steel as well. It is manufactured to accommodate four 2/3 sized gastronorm pans that are 65 millimetres deep. This unit has a large viewing glass door which has a cool touch locking handle. The two stage locking handle is manufactured to safely release heat before the door is opened. This catering equipment has a water input plus drainage connections which are conveniently positioned at the back of the unit.

Anvil’s 4 Tray Combi Steam Oven is suitable for roast meats, poultry, fish, pies, and bread products. It is great for the venue or restaurant that wants to offer a range of dishes but has limited space. It is a convenient unit that is able to combine steam and convection in one piece of┬ácatering equipment.

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Most counter-top steamers are boiler-less, where you pour water to a built in reservoir in the bottom section of the unit with its own heating element. Connection steamers have a water line that comes in to the steamer from the building’s water source. Although this type of steamer needs additional maintenance, and may be trickier to clean, it handles a much greater volume.

In order to reduce clean up and additional maintenance, it is recommended that you only use filtered water with a scale inhibitor. The use of tap water will probably have an effect on food taste.

Combi Ovens

A commercial combi oven uses steam, convection, or a combination of both to quickly and efficiently cook food. Despite being relatively more expensive than traditional ovens, combi ovens can replace various restaurant equipment pieces such as warming or holding cabinets, fryers, steamers and traditional convection ovens.

To maximize space in your restaurant, combi ovens can replace other cooking equipment.

How Much Can a Combi Oven Support?

Most steamers come in sizes from 1-4 compartments. A one compartment model has the ability to produce up to 200 meals an hour. Combi ovens are most often used in high volume situations, because they can cook food so quickly and provide multiple cooking options.

Ways to Keep your Commercial Steamer Operating at Peak Performance

Use filtered water with a scale inhibitor. A scale inhibitor removes minerals from tap water. When minerals build up in the steamer, performance problems, as well as having to constantly be cleaned, would result. Various steamer models come with an alert light that indicates when a buildup needs to be cleaned. The taste of steamed food can also be affected by the minerals in unfiltered water.

Steamers should be preheated before you cook food. Most steamers take about 5 minutes or more to heat up. Food should be seasoned after it has been steamed in order to have the best taste. For best results when working with vegetables, separate frozen vegetables and use a perforated pan.

Since steamers are so much more energy efficient compared to other commercial cooking equipment, you will save much more money over time.

Reasons for anyone to buy a commercial combi oven are clear when you consider the superior cooking times and exceptional taste.

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